Progress of your installation

Here is what will happen after we receive your order:
  • We will contact you within 2 working days to agree on the date of the appointment on site in order to finalize the details of your installation* and create your file (connection request) with CREOS,
  • Once the administrative details have been settled, we agree on the date of installation of your charger,
  • The lead time between order confirmation and installation is on average 4-6 weeks.

*Installation appointment : Maximum distance between the bollard and the electrical panel 10m
Charger protection and load shedding imposed by CREOS
To be integrated in the electrical panel
1 drilling concrete wall then test and commissioning.

Commander2 11kW

1.920 € excl. VAT

Type 1 & 2 | 5m | 11kW | With installation
  • Charging Mode : Mode 3 (IEC 61851-1)
  • Connectivity : Wi-fi / Ethernet / Bluetooth
Technical informations of the Commander2 11kW
Charger available in 22kW : contact us
Color : Black or White
Cable : 5m included or 7m(+100€)
Socket : Type 1 or Type 2
Contact us & buy itProcedure and services included in your installation

Commander2 11kw

Durable and reliable

Water and dust resistance certified by IP54 and IK10 protection ratings, allowing safe installation both indoors and outdoors.


Connect to the myWallbox platform for intelligent control of your charging station.


Its integrated socket allows you to charge any electric vehicle on the market.

On-board intelligence

The on-board intelligence of the Commander 2 software automatically balances the distribution of charging power across all connected terminals, according to the needs of each vehicle, thus offering optimal charging to all electric vehicles simultaneously

Commander2 11kw

Weight : 2.4 kg
Dimensions : 115x221x152cm
User Identification : PIN Code / RFID Card / myWallbox app
Communication Protocol : myWallbox / OCPP 1.6j
Maximum Charging Power : 7,4 kW (single-phase) / 22 kW (three-phase)
Protection Rating : IP54 / IK10
Rated Volta AC +10% : 400 V
Rated Current:32 A (Both Single-phase and three-phase)
Contact us & buy Commander 2 11kW.
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